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I can't hear myself - Knowledgebase / Troubleshooting and technical difficulties - LaunchPad Recruits

I can't hear myself

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If you are having problems hearing yourself please try the following:

- On the page where you test your microphone, there is a drop down menu to select the microphone. Make sure the correct microphone is selected. 

- When you are on the practice question, the bar on the right side should be moving when you are speaking into the microphone. If this is the case, the microphone is detecting noise, but the playback is not working. Check that your speakers are not muted. 

- Some users have issues with their hardware and its compatibility with certain browsers. It might be worth trying the video assessment in a different browser, and seeing if that helps. If this doesn't help, many issues like this can be solved by restarting your computer. 

If the suggestions above don't resolve the issues, please get in touch.